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1 Core
1.5 TB Bandwidth
100 Gbps DDoS
1 Gbps Port
1 IP


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2 Core
2 TB Bandwidth
100 Gbps DDoS
1 Gbps Port
1 IP


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3 Core
60 Gb SSD
3 TB Bandwidth
100 Gbps DDoS
1 Gbps Port
1 IP


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4 Core
80 Gb SSD
5 TB Bandwidth
100 Gbps DDoS
1 Gbps Port
1 IP


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5 Core
100 Gb SSD
5 TB Bandwidth
100 Gbps DDoS
1 Gbps Port
1 IP

Experience The Power Of A VPS!

The cost of installing a dedicated server which small enterprises can use for the purpose of network sharing is high. It is better that enterprises opt for VPS which are Virtual Private Servers. Virtual Private Servers are very much cost-effective and can be used easily by small enterprises. They can do everything that small enterprises need. Small enterprises can host shared servers with the help of VPS, they can grow their network and that too at very less cost. Virtual Private Servers are powerful and flexible, enterprises can change the settings according to their requirements. There are companies which can provide Cheap VPS Server in London and other parts of the world.

  • Change hostname
  • Change root password
  • Change VNC/console password
  • Set Reverse DNS
  • API Access
  • Manage Backups

Understanding how VPS works

Now, when it is clear what VPS is, let’s understand how they actually work. VPS is a server that runs inside another server, it is not hardware but software. It requires a base server on which it can run. One physical server has the power to host multiple virtual servers and that is why it is very cost-effective for small enterprises. There are so many benefits of installing a Virtual Private Server for the organization. It can be installed on a machine using software which is called a hypervisor. A Hypervisor can segment the physical layers and keep all the segments away from each other. It prevents the server from getting into a complex situation.

VPSs have their own operating system and they are different from all other virtual networks. This creates an illusion that every virtual server is just like an independent server. One more thing which can attract small enterprises is that each virtual server can be rebooted separately. It is not necessary to reboot all the servers when the machine or the base server starts.

Advantages Of Virtual Private Server

There are different types of hosting methods available and all of them have individual benefits. Dedicated hosting and shared hosting have their own benefits and Virtual Private Servers have their own. Below are the points that will make small enterprises understand how VPS is important for them.

Better Flexibility Than Shared Hosting: The users or small enterprises can customize the server according to their requirements and can run their own software.

Less Expensive Than A Dedicated Server: It has been made clear in the starting that VPS is cheaper than a Dedicated Server. The users can opt for a Cheap VPS Server in London with all the functions they need.

Better Security: VPS has better security features than shared hosting. This is because the enterprises are not sharing their space with anyone else. Not sharing the space will save the enterprises from faults and errors made by others.

Root Access: The enterprises can get root access because VPS works just like an independent server. With root access, they can easily configure the server and install their own applications on the server.

Comparatively Easy Than Dedicated Server: The enterprises or the users do not require much technical knowledge to understand how it works. It can also be installed easily.

Why Choose Super Byte Hosting ?

High Performance

Our servers are built to deliver superior performance and ensure that your web server applications run smoothly without any issues. No one can steal your resources

Seamless Connectivity

We provide guaranteed network uptime of 99.95% and go beyond to make it 100%. In addition to this, quickly scale up/down the resources to meet peak traffic demands

Enhanced Security

Dedicated servers are inherently more secure than a multi-tenant cloud or virtual environment. HIPAA and PCI compliance are more easily achieved on dedicated server